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The server, Choria, is set during a fantasy age where kingdoms are at war. Due to the war, the government has all but abandoned Choria to their own means, leaving the denizens to form a lawless hub of chaos, fantasy, and darkness.

From cat girls to revenants to humans to mermaids... Choria has all types of species, mingling, and pursuing their own goals... Drugs, pleasure, money, or just a regular home life? That’s up to each citizen.


The server isn’t very strict, but we do require 3 sentences per roleplay post.


ᒎᗝᓰﬡ TᗝᖙᗩᎩ!
Here you will have the option to:
-Partake in a variety of both SFW and NSFW role-play activities
-Participate in IC or OOC RP, as you see fit
-Meet friendly people and chat without worry of innocent ears
-Join an active General chat and active VC, if you desire.
-Help shape an immersive lore
-Lots of custom emotes
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Ratings & Reviews

18 reviews
StereotypeMustBe StereotypeMustBe
Adore This Place
Really fun server to just chill in, I personally spend more time than I should here.
You can ERP or RP with people, make your own characters to mess around with, it's a good time.
Most people are quite nice and accepting, I never see kink shaming or anything of the sort. Pretty nice considering the toxic people you normally find online.
Overall I enjoy my time here and would recommend this server to anyone who wants to RP or just chat in general.
39 days ago
𝕵𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘 ღ 𝕵𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘 ღ
Friendly and Welcoming Community
I've been in Choria for about two weeks now and it's hard not to take notice to how much love and effort is put in by the staff and owners. The friendly staff are quick to help with questions and the community as a whole is easy to get along with!
Inu Inu
Admin response
Thank you for your review. <3 We put in a lot of time and effort, so it's always nice to see people notice!
218 days ago
Strawberry Strawberry
Overall Disappointing
If you want a server that you can chill and enjoy yourself in, one day I might have said this one.. When I'd only been in for a short while. Now it's come more to light it's run by people who like to throw their weight around (Mainly Vivi) and strong arm people into agreeing with them. Then banning everyone who doesn't. Run very much like a dictatorship with no caring or understanding.
If something bad happens to you.. That doesn't give you the right to be unpleasant to the people around you and bully them. Which is very much what is slowly happening.
So you don't have to read this review and they can ban me for speaking out. But this sort of environment is in fact toxic and I cannot advise anyone to put themselves through that. If you want to be ignored and become unable to join their 'click' then that's on you.

Kitty seems mostly okay. But the drama is too much and it’s sad they’re willing to break up friendships over petty things. I would say as advice, suck up your pride. Admit fault and stop bullying the people in your server.
Inu Inu
Admin response
I’m sorry that you felt like your experience here was poor, even though we’ve never interacted within the server.

I assure you, however, that my DMs are always and have always been open to any perceived slights or issues regarding bans and all bans have been actively discussed by staff.
If you’re referring to something bad giving people the right to be unpleasant, as my mother dying and then any discourse that’s happened, I sincerely apologize. I haven’t been taking her unexpected death well, but I’ve done my best to continue offering the best service possible to this community that I love.

In regards to drama, I’m not quite sure what drama you’re referring to unless you mean the recent ban for DM advertising, which staff is already considering undoing. For the most part, Vivi and I have kept quite to ourselves as we grieve my mother and handle her affairs. If anything else has happened, please feel welcomed to DM me so that I can handle the issues to the best of my abilities, regardless of if you ever intend to return or not.
248 days ago
Sabishii Sabishii
Such a wonderful and welcoming community! I love the people and the roleplay. There are so many channels so you have a lot of options to rp. Its a very fun and relaxed place to be. I would even consider it my safe place. With it even being LGBT+ friendly I would say this server is for everyone!
350 days ago