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Basement of Doom
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Basement of Doom

Attention all Pokécord players! Victini's Star is a pokecord server for you to join and yes this server is still growing but soon we will become huge and become on of the biggest pokecord servers! Help us and join:)
We have tons of fun bots such and mantaro mee6 owo and more!
We also host giveaways and events. You can participate if you join
Darkuser-Twilight Bumped 110 days ago

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zap2beatup zap2beatup
Terrible staff bullying and harassment DO NOT JOIN BIGGEST MESTAKE IF U DO!!!!!
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Mr.Satsuma Mr.Satsuma
awful staff
the mods ⚠Jwalk⚠ -(gym warden)Partnership and Ninja Mooncake Luna are both annoying. Luna complains at you for spamming in the spam channel and Jwalk is just purely rude. The owner is quick to warn you and is extremely disrespectful and rude. i recommend you dont join.

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