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Psychological Dysfunctions 18+
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Psychological Dysfunctions 18+

⭐The Biggest Hub For Everything Psychological⭐

》ALL Psychological Disorders.
》Alcoholism and Substance Abuse welcome.
》Cluster B friendly
》"Chill zone" with free non-pc language and themes
》"Serious zone" with psychology chats, library, and themes
》2300+ Members.
》Moderated and Active.
》Drunk Voice Chat every night.
》18+ Only, No exceptions.

Large and entertaining community, join us.
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews
Slime Slime
Not active
Not active at all and barely has anything to do with psychology. Waste of time dont bother joining. the mods aren't even active.
122 days ago
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Boy (alt) Boy (alt)
Very cool
The VC at night is very entertaining and funny, highkey reccomend this server for killing time.
175 days ago
2 2
weirdosatan weirdosatan
It's good to find a place/server to be in especially when you aren't normal lol. A great place with lots of cool people and fun things to do. You don't even have to be ill to join so why havent you 😌
175 days ago
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Commander Commander
One does not simply end this server.
Many have tried.
Many have claimed glory for doing it.
None have succeeded.

Why? Because the spirit of this server trumps all opposition.
Because the admins care for the people and the people care in return.
This is the server where haters come to die.

You want movie nights? We have them. You want VC every day? We have it. You want gambling and drinking with nice people? We have it. You want free money? Sorry.

If you want to experience something devoid of malice, either self-righteous or just evil, you have come to the right place.

Best server on the market.
175 days ago