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The Flying Dutchman
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The Flying Dutchman

davys's sᴀғᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇɴ
~we are a growing 13+ chill server, home to all people!~
-Non toxic
-Rp chats
-Selfie channels
-React Roles!!!
-admin/mod spots are open (to be filled)
~LGBTQ+ Friendly 🤗❤️
~we allow all types of people, no matter what! If anyone attacks you for who you are and what you're about, let me know. You're all welcome lovely people!
~Thank you for showing an ear/eye your most cursed cap’n.
~Davy Jones
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󠀀󠀀⊱кυsнiє⊰ 󠀀󠀀⊱кυsнiє⊰
Really chill uwu
I've been here for a while and nobody has ever ignored me or didn't try to help. The people are really nice and staff is online almost all of the time. There's no misunderstandings or aciddents and it's active enough to be a comfortable conversation :)

Definitely recommend joining ❤️
seal seal
Love this place
May be a bit biased as i am a mod but this server has the nicest people and also no bad management like the last server i was in *cough cough* roses *cough*
KrabbMeat KrabbMeat
Great server
It’s full of depressed people who use memes and satire to cope