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How To Train Your Dragon: Berk Rebuilt
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How To Train Your Dragon: Berk Rebuilt

15 Years ago, an Individual gained the trust of a night fury which changed the Viking world. They went on many adventures together, finding Dragons Edge, Fighting a Bewilderbeast, and now all the dragons have taken rest in the hidden world for safety. The Dragons seemed to have disappeared as the Hooligan Clan continued their life as the Individual disappeared for many years....And now, Dragons are now arising again as a new Generation arises, new dragons taking their place in this world. And now, It seems, That the adventure is on again, but it's gonna have unpredictable troubles. What troubles will the new generation of vikings and their dragons fight? Who knows? The adventures continue...
- Welcoming and kind Roleplayers
- Friendly and knowledgeable Staff
- Access to all areas of the HTTYD Archipelago!
- OC submissions, including Dragons and Riders!
- Bots
- Chatbox for general HTTYD talk
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3 reviews
ej400 ej400
Nice server
A very good server for roleplay, and just an overall great place to be in. There was a member who lied and stuff, (also the person who gave this server a one star review), so ignore it because 90% of the members so far have agreed the person who lying about stuff.

But it's a GREAT place, please come and join!
☾ 𝓛𝓊𝓃𝒶𝓇 Ҝ𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 ♞ ☾ 𝓛𝓊𝓃𝒶𝓇 Ҝ𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 ♞
Detailed RP prompts and Good People
I've only been in a handful of RP servers and, at first, thought all the channels were a bit much, but I actually like it now. The attention to detail for having a large map, a dragon book with stats to refer to, help chats, templates, etc, all make for a cool and fun spot to roleplay. Though some may disagree and think you should be whatever dragon and whatever skilled rider you want, I can respect a system that keeps everyone from being a Night Fury or Red Death and, instead, encourages a sort of DnD level system.

Mercy Mercy
Great Server.
While only being in this server for a short amount of time i can completely confirm that whatever review user trainer_purple is utterly fake. The user writes such reviews on multiple servers after not achieving what she wants. So whoever may gain her within a server. Expect a negative review quite quickly for not allowing her to have a Mod or ownership.

Overall the server is well run by a capable team. There are shared owners of the server however they are all attentive and take care of all the members. It's moderated 24/7 and the staff team is very friendly and helpful. They will direct you the right way in order for you to have a successful and happy role-play. Even if you aren't one for role-playing you can hang around for social time. Anyone is welcome and accepted.
It doesn't take long to adapt and feel like a part of a family within this server and it's quite easy to gain friends within it.
If you're looking at this server then please do join. I'm sure you'll enjoy it once you find out the actual truth and not the lies from a childish user.

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