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Welcome to Solace!!

What we offer:
✧ English chat
✧ Semi-toxic community
✧ Friendly members and helpful staff
✧ Custom roles for games
✧ A variety of channels to discuss your favorite topics
✧ Voice and music channels
✧ and much, much more!

(~˘▾˘)~ We hope to see you soon! ~(˘▾˘~)
alecx Bumped 4 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

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swagmasta875 swagmasta875
This discord is very nice and very fun to be in. After only being in it for about 4 days, I can honestly say that I always look forward to seeing what everyone has to say. You wont regret being in this.
43 days ago
RelicMax RelicMax
Such a great server
This server is absolutely great. The staff is super friendly. There are no toxic people on it at all. I would highly suggest this server to anyone who is wanting to join a great community. 10/10 server.
46 days ago