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🌲 Forest 🌲

🌲Forest🌲 is a social server that brings users who are alike in any way possible. This includes communities! Our server brings communities alike that include but not limited to:
🎮 | Gaming community with a variety sorts of games (giveaways do happen when we have a game to giveaway).
🏈 | An athletic community who loves to play sports and talk about recent sporting events.
📚 | Bookworms who are always interested in the new series of books coming out from said author.
😱 | You like anime? We love anime too! People always discuss about certain new anime coming out soon.
🎨 | You like to draw? We have specific, role-locked channels that you may post your amazing artwork at.
This isn't enough? We have a entire determined Administration Committee who are able to assist you if you need any help.
Still doesn't please you? A whole selection of self-assigned roles are available that include over 21 specific colors! We also have self-assignable roles able to identify who you are.
Want to explore the Forest where you can Fo-rest? Join now!
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