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Sacrae Academy

Sacrae Academy

It's the year 2046. In the year 2020 young children started to develop specific 'abilities'. A rare but amazing sight. These people were known as the 'gifted'. Only 10% of the population on Earth possess these 'gifts'. It is unknown why these abilities began to form but society was afraid of them. The gifted had to hide away their abilities in order to not strike panic into people's hearts. But eventually, they were slowly accepted into society until eventually, they were viewed as superior. In 2026 an academy was built by Ricard Freedman. A gifted man who believed that the gifted could be trained to protect others. You are now the gifted, wielding abilities that you must master to protect the people of earth. You made it through many entrance exams to prove your worth to be at the academy.
Evil lurks around the town of Redhill, hiding in the shadows of the happy civilians, waiting to strike. When will it happen? No one knows. But when it does... the students of the academy will need to band together to protect the town in which their school resides.
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