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Nano Café

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Nano Café is a vibrant meeting place to meet new and wonderful individuals and also encounter unique people with the same interests as you!

We are a friendly and well-cherished Asian café who accepts 16(+) year olds. Our goal is to watch our community grow together and treat each individual equally.

✿ What do we offer?
° A safe environment
° A friendly & positive community
° Organized channels and categories
° Weekly League of Legends Night
° Other events!

✧ :・゚➽ Come join us!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Astartes from Below Astartes from Below
Incredible Atmosphere.
I can barely begin to scratch the surface on the incredible atmosphere that lives and breathes within this server. The people, intelligent and witty, and a sense of humour that everyone can enjoy, and with little border of entry to enjoy your stay - Everyone has a place! I've known people in there for years and the unforgettable moments we've forged together, I'll always hold close to my heart. Nano Café really has nurtured a community to remember.

Except for Naru; she's actually mentally ill.
.系 .系
Daddy Daddy
Actually Enjoyable
Usually I don't feel welcomed in new discords and it feels like there's cliques formed. With this server, I feel like it's easy to talk to everyone which is super nice! Everyone's pretty chill and league nights are 10/10. I recommend coming here if you want to be surrounded by positive people.
greensquidle greensquidle
💕Welcoming and Diverse💕
I joined this server looking to meet new people and become friends with as least one other person, turns out I struck gold and was immediately welcomed into the server by its members. It is a very pleasant and caring group of people that run this server and it would be a shame if anyone missed out.💕

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