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Star Wars: The Fallen Republic
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Star Wars: The Fallen Republic

Welcome to Star Wars: The Revival. We're a brand new server looking for roleplayers and staff, we don't have much of a description just yet but we're extremely active, come on in and give it a try. We are under new management and are trying to revive a good server!
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C.E.M. C.E.M.
Died Off
The server was originally decent, besides the owner, but it very soon fell off after a majority of the staff team got up and quit.
Brogle Brogle
Simply the worst owner.
The owner simply refuses to work with any other staff and completely disregards their owne rules, and upon defeat and or death of one of their characters, they purge the ENTIRE THING and doesn't treat it as canon.
a70274 a70274
Really good Discord Star Wars Roleplay Server
This server may not look like much when you first join, but when i joined the staff did what they were supposed to do and they didnt abuse their perms, and the roleplay is really nice too, keep in mind that it is a text based rp though.
Paradox Takatenshi Paradox Takatenshi