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Art n' Chill
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Art n' Chill

A place dedicated to posting artwork, chilling, and having fun. We have lots of text and voice channels dedicated to artwork, memes, and music. Come for the art, stay for the fun. All artists are welcome, rules apply.

Our server includes:
-Art channels
-Lounging channels
-Meme channels
-Music channels
-Bots (music, memes, etc.)
-NSFW (locked channels)
-Drawpile and events
-International chat

Rules (simplified):
-Be nice
-NSFW stuff must be in NSFW channels
-Don't steal artwork
-No spamming (except in designated channels)
-No threats

We highly recommend that you are 17 or older when joining. Anyone joining younger than that, viewer discretion is advised. Thanks!
chunkychief09 Bumped 8 hours ago

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