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Island of Piapruta (TFF)

Island of Piapruta (TFF)

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Have you ever wanted to survive on a deserted island with no clue if you'll see another sunrise? Well, the Island of Piapruta RP is the closest you'll come to the primal feeling of terror as you hide from death itself.


The cruise was almost over. There were only 2 days left. Suddenly, the sky is shot through with orange, and something rumbles beneath you as the ship rocks on suddenly choppy waters. Screens around you die and phones shut off, never to turn on again. Lights flicker and die. The orange in the sky converges above you, turning into a massive fireball and dropping, plunging through the deck. The ship sways, and you are thrown against the wall. Stars dance in your vision. Then, darkness descends upon your eyes.

Will you fall? Or will you survive, and discover the secret of the island?
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