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Star Wars: The Forgotten Wars
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Star Wars: The Forgotten Wars

The year is 3500 BBY. It has been a few hundred years since the Great Sith Wars and the Mandalorian Wars. Even the Eternal Empire is now seen as a legend. Those battles have been forgotten...or so that was thought. The Sith are seeking revenge. For what seemed like a period of peace and stability, the Sith have been stockpiling weapons and building their armies under the noses of the wider galaxy.

And, they have friends too. An alliance has been made with the Mandalorians and the New Sith Empire. And the Old Republic is about to get plunged into war.
Galactic peace is about to be destroyed. Only time will tell who will win...
sugeypopplanet Bumped 7 hours ago

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Herr 59M Herr 59M
Best server I’ve ever been in
This server is just brilliant and amazing with fun and understanding people I never thought I’d make so many friends just from a chatting platform but it is possible with this server.
They Call Me Aiden They Call Me Aiden
Great fun!
I have had a lot of good fun with the people here. You join on and make a character and then you start playing. I have met a lot of new people i look foward to rping with.

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