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The Holy Grail Wars
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The Holy Grail Wars

Something has changed with The Holy Grail War, and the implications are… complicated. The war has increased in frequency, rather than one every 60 years, a war has the potential to begin at any moment. Master’s can come from anywhere, and summoning servants require next to no magic. The Grail has become easier to access than ever, and all you need to do is defeat 6 other spirits. Join The Holy Grail Wars, and take your wish.
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Beanbean Beanbean
Nice Server
Small, friendly community that does its best to make you feel welcome. The setting is interesting as well. Due to Shenanigans(tm) anyone with even the slightest amount of magic circuits can become a master by accident under (un)lucky circumstances. This coupled with the potential for multiple Grail Wars occurring concurrently leads to interesting scenarios.