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The Peak

A very friendly server, practicing acceptance and warm welcoming. We accept everyone and respect the LGBTQ+ Community. Our server is snow themed, with a Kingdom RP meant for anybody to join in! <3 "Cause when you're at The Peak, you're on top!" We aren't perfect but we do our best*

Plot Description(Small Summary):
Solstice Kingdom: A kingdom that exists within the sky, hidden by the clouds, reached through the highest peak in the world. Anyone may enter this world if they simply believe and climb high enough, because of this there are an infinite variety of people and species as well as items and objects from numerous decades. Those who enter the realm will be greeted by the icy winds surrounding the peak, the beautiful snow will fall upon their shoulders with each moment that passes by as they stand. It has been only 2 years since the former king has inexplicably ‘passed’ away. His son Ceciro II has taken over, at only the age of 20, now 22. A small lingering force lurks within the peaceful city of Aurora, waiting to strike and cripple the Kingdom by dethroning it once again. Refusing to be lead by such an 'inexperienced' figure, or perhaps there is a deeper meaning..?
(The plot line has a much wider direction, with the possibility of all OC's helping make it on the go.)(We allow species of all kinds, except for God's, Devil wannabes, and succubi.)
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egg egg
for mah homies
okay yuh so this server is the 👀 like. the people in here are so supportive and kind and funny ajdkskdkksksj ??????? ive met such good friends there i swear. friends who are always willing to help out and support each other through tough times... everyone is so close together and tight as frick and always up for a good time. it's always so so so much fun together n just hanging out and chillin. istg everyone there is my homeskillet. fr. my homeboys. my broskis. love y'all to death. and that's the REAL tea sis. 🐸☕
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MageX MageX
I love this server. As a member who’s been there from the start I have seen the ups and down. Mostly ups there is nothing bad about this server. The people are nice and sweet. I was pulled from dark times and this certainly helped me. In the RP you can do a lot of things and become recognized. You have giveaways. and other things as well. And the best thing is there is always something to do, There are a selection of bots and music to help you be active at most. This server is very recommended by all

Prime Minister of The X Troopers
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💙Jake💙 💙Jake💙
The Peak
The Peak has become a place that I now cherish. Each of the members are kind and supportive, you will find them to be almost like family if you choose to stay. Our admin team is fair and levelheaded. They see from both sides before judging. The server is quite active and you’ll find that almost every single time you come on, someone is available to speak. We may have some people that may attempt to discredit our tendencies of being kind and supportive. Most of those people have been rule breakers and want to sabotage potential server growth because they themselves cannot see through a haze. We have had people try their best to ruin/damage the server, but to no avail. It is your own choice to see how this server really is. We will always welcome any newcomers, and we hope you come and join us. This server is absolutely wonderful, give it a try and see how you think about the server.
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Albel Albion Albel Albion
A Nightmare in Leadership
It's a shame that in a server where there are a handful of good sincere people trying to keep a community afloat, the owner and his second-in-command are arrogant, aggressive, belittling, and cruel. They may try to shrug off any negative review for this server as "just a personal attack" but that is just fundamentally untrue. I have watched them insult multiple members after they left the server, including an admin member, a long time member who another member named "Subway" made a comment about that person's suicide. I have watched them discredit and interrogate a member of a claim of pregnancy, I have watched them attack any opinion that wasn't endorsed by the owner of the server, Eli. There's one girl in this server who left the server and then Eli followed them into DMs to attack and bully them for daring to not like the place. The owner is truly the source of problems in this place. He is quick to anger, quick to self victimize in the efforts to garner pity, and quick to discredit anything said against him or this server. I feel sorry for the people in this server that are dragged along in this mess despite telling Eli and Jake to change their attitude and approach. It is in my opinion that through objective observation this place is just one that you shouldn't visit. There are other places to chat, to roleplay, and to post memes. Find one of Them. As long as Eli is in The Peak. I won't be.

Update: After seeing a negative review on Disboard the admin team has just yelled at their server to "ignore these words" and have now posted two very biased reviews from two of the problem members and then deleted their Disboard invite. They are also "demanding" that members leave positive reviews for the server.