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Overwatch Pugs/Ranked
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Overwatch Pugs/Ranked

Server for overwatch pugs (pick up games) which is basically better Comp, and also a server to find people to play comp with. Basically PC only, but if we get more people maybe we could expand to Console.

1. Must join voice chat
2. Must cooperate with your team
3. No toxicity
4. Two heroes will be banned for each game, both teams pick one hero each to ban
5. The map gets chosen so we don’t get shitty maps like horizon LUL colony
6. Have fun and don’t be a dick
7. Don’t leave mid game
8. There is a draft: I flip a coin to decide who picks first, it goes 1-2-2-2-2-2-1 so it is 6 on each team, the first two people who want to be captains will be captains and will pick their team members
Devil Bumped 139 days ago

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