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Young Trans Peeps
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Young Trans Peeps

Young Trans Peeps is our server for transgender, gender questioning, or nonbinary teenagers to just talk, hang out and make friends! We have channels where you can discuss your specific interests with other people, as well as channels where you can vent and get advice :smiley:

>!!!Please note: This server is only for those aged 13-20 and is not meant for dating. The server is also uncompromising towards transmedicalist/truscum opinions and mindsets along with other harmful ideologies, (alt-right, rightwing, etc.) and you will be kicked if you cause animosity within the server.!!!<
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SliceO'Fish SliceO'Fish
trans rights
this server has very good good good uwu thanks fam you cool abigail is epic hjsadvbcfuisadgvocuigewIJOCVBWEIOVBG
TrainNutter TrainNutter
I don’t know where I would be without it
I have found the support and community on this server to be incredible! I don’t know where I would be without it. I’ve joined other trans-support servers but none I’ve joined are as good for support or as big of a community!
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pensive pensive
Quite a peaceful little server, you can make some great friends here tbh
Ignoring the troll reviews, you really don’t need “extremist left views” to go on here. If you’re respectful and can go along happily with the rules and are able to talk about literally anything but politics or religion for about three seconds, I think you’re good. Hoes just mad.
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Scott Scott
Good place for trans youth
A safe place free of truscum and transmed. Cool discussions and people and fast mods.