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The Garden
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The Garden

Date: 3024
Place: Tokyo, Japan
The government has once again declared a war this time tho, this is the war to end all wars this is the war that will most likely destroy the world. Four countries have nuclear weapons and no one seems to care about the destruction they might cause. So far this war has been going on for 2 years. Through the chaos of cities burning down and people constantly dying, there is one place that is peaceful and completely hidden from the out side world. They call this place the garden where a small civilization lives. In the garden they raise children and if they have the guts for it they will become assassins for the out side world, other wise if they are talented they can become healers that mainly stay in the garden, but healers can also pair up with assassins as back up. The adults (25 and up) and the more common children stay in the garden to prevent getting hurt of killed. All the children go through 5 years of primary education, before 3 years of general training, (much like junior high) . After completing their 8 years they either tend to the needs of people in the garden or are released to the outside world, as assassins/healers. The whole goal and purpose of the garden, is to raise children that will know right from wrong and hopefully rid the world of its wrong...before their whole planet, race, and world is wiped from existence.
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