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Chill Lounge

The Chill Lounge is for new members to come in and chill, meet new friends and have fun with them. The server is still small, but is growing slowly, also with partnerships with other discords. Everyone is welcomed into The Chill Lounge!
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Kerria (kristy) Kerria (kristy)
Not My Cup Of Tea
This server is new and starting out. But it's not my style. Everything was fine until a member who joined recently started messing things up. I mean their kinda of a troll who just wants to cause drama. I pinged them to welcome them and they start an argument. I make a statement about member count of the server going up they reply with "so does you libido". For those of you who don't know what libido means, it means sexual desire. That members also intentionally broke rules in selfie channel and argued with the owner. I'm open to editing my review if the server changes.
El Padrino El Padrino
Please join xD
currently a 1.5bot to person ratio so yeaaaaaaaa

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