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Extreme Whore's Haven


We're a growing community focusing on "Extreme" side of kinks, while our focus is extreme and kinky, we also welcome people who prefer some vanilla and gentle fun!

Our server also has a huge part focusing on public RP so if that's what you enjoy you should probably give us a try! We're a HUB server so there's not really a lore anything but more than 15 public RP rooms each with a different scene.

Sunny Sun Sun Bumped 16 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

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Vibing Brioche Vibing Brioche
A server that feels like a local bar.
While the server has quiet times and the occasional loudmouth appears - there are plenty of nice people in this server. The feeling I get on the server is that of a local bar. It got days where people are talkative and there are days where we sit and wallow in our sadness.

I have a few amazing RP buddies from this server and while I myself don't use the public RP system (due to picky RP habits) it seems active and people do enjoy that! - 4/5. Great for a new rper who wants to get their feet wet~
26 days ago
MissA MissA
Homely place to build connections and memories
I never expected this place to mean so much to me when I joined. It was the first ERP server I stayed longer than a few days in because it was everything I was looking for.
- There are interesting settings which made it more exciting, including Dark Alley, hotel, office, gloryhole, whorestand, Fantasy forest
- I found so many people to ERP with and they all had different styles and I learned so much with them and of course had so much fun in the majority of instances.
- Its a great place to chat, even if you don't ERP much or at all. I have stopped but I'm still welcome and stick around.
- I have made life long connections... That I will keep forever, in fact I cannot be without.
- So many different chatting channels and galleries!
- The owner, Sola has a deep caring soul and looks out for the server.
391 days ago
Satan Satan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Great community once you get to know it. Kinky people, weird people. Great mods that help you out if someone is harassing you! Can always seek for help or vent out in the server. Also pretty nice people to erp with! I gladly recommend the server if you're 18+ and you can even join if you're not thinking about erp(even tho the server focus is on that)
552 days ago
Weeberino Weeberino
Horrible Admins
You know it's bad when some of the members dm me to warn me to stay away from the admins. Power trip central, banning people for extremely minor offenses. Also require your personal information to post in certain text channels (Excuse: "To be 18 to be verified") I'm pretty sure is against the law. Overall bad experience. I had planned on staying but after seeing the ban/warn wave of the people that disagreed with the admins overnight, I've decided I'm on to find better servers. Adios.
Paradelous Sola Paradelous Sola
Admin response
How to lie about something 101 i guess ?
I talked to the people who were part of the incident after this happened and nobody DMed or warned them, members warned them in general-voice-chat for using a word which we don't allow. "Trap" yeah this seems stupid or not to you, who knows but few of my trans friends told me that transexual people don't like the word trap getting used against them that's even a topic that's been brought up lately in trans communities. This person called someone that's transexual "trap" and one of my admins told them that we don't allow that word here normally. But these 3 people didn't listen and kept using it like as a slur and they even used it to offend staff and other members even though they been warned about this. Ban or warn wave ? What are you actually talking about no one has been banned except two persons on this night one of them was this guy hisself and the other was lolwhatanerd, one lolwhatanerd actually aprooached me and we solved this no one except these two have been warned or banned. But this guy decided to lie about stuff that's not even happened. We require your personal information to post in certain text channels XD ? That should be like a joke or something, we just verify people's age by checking their ID and a picture of their face so we can say that ID belongs to them, and i'm the only person does that the server Owner no else has right to do that. What's against law ? You joining a server that's +18 ? Or we trying to make sure you are +18 by asking you to verify your age via your ID ? That's what every server does, if they suspect you're underaged you somehow have to prove it and if you don't you get banned.
562 days ago