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Extreme Whore's Haven
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Extreme Whore's Haven

💕ONLY +18 People.
💕The most extreme fun you can have.
💕 Welcoming community.
💕 Quality members.
💕 Our own discord bot.
💕 Events.
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Satan Satan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Great community once you get to know it. Kinky people, weird people. Great mods that help you out if someone is harassing you! Can always seek for help or vent out in the server. Also pretty nice people to erp with! I gladly recommend the server if you're 18+ and you can even join if you're not thinking about erp(even tho the server focus is on that)
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Weeberino Weeberino
Horrible Admins
You know it's bad when some of the members dm me to warn me to stay away from the admins. Power trip central, banning people for extremely minor offenses. Also require your personal information to post in certain text channels (Excuse: "To be 18 to be verified") I'm pretty sure is against the law. Overall bad experience. I had planned on staying but after seeing the ban/warn wave of the people that disagreed with the admins overnight, I've decided I'm on to find better servers. Adios.
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lolwhatanerd lolwhatanerd
Helpful owner
I've was told not to use a word, and instead to used one I'm not comfortable saying. I feel that if I have to respect their boundaries, they should respect mine. I've only been in this server for about half an hour. The mod has made me feel personally attacked and extremely unwelcome.

Edit: after the incident, I dmed the owner and explained the situation. They repealed the ban and I was allowed back into the server. Since then I've had an awesome experience.
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WonderDoll WonderDoll
Best ERP/Bdsm server out there.
Supportive community, welcoming and kind. They're pretty strict on no minors which with this stuff is good. You can just chat, lurk or rp (whether erp or normal kind, some people go the romance then smut kind as well). Just my favourite server overall.

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