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Whear's Palace
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Whear's Palace

Welcome to Whear's Server! This server is a community server!

👫 Friendly Community and Staff
📈 Leveling System 
🎁 Giveaways 
🎶 Music nights
🎶 Music bot
🎶 Music channel
🎼 Music Enthusiast role
🎼 Music Producer
🎼 Advertise your music, and recommend!
🎤 No mic channel
🎆 Images channel 
❓ Question of the day 
👐 Allied servers channel 
💻 Advertise YouTube channel & Videos
💪 Fight game (Bot. Punch, defend, end)
🐶 Animal pictures (bot)
😂 Jokes channel (bot)
💭 Counting game (count endlessly)
❌🔴 Tic-tac-toe game (Bot)
🎨 Community Arts channel 
🎨 Show off your art skills!
🎇 Includes photography! 
📃 Links channel, post any gifs! 
🎠 Off-topic channel!
📝 Have a role you have passion in!
📑 Hiring staff right now!

More to come! 
Joining will be appreciated!
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Ratings & Reviews

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Whale_Bear Whale_Bear
The server is awesome!!! Such kind staff, people. It's active, and people have such talent here!!! Awesome art, awesome YouTube videos and channels. Love it!! Can't wait to see this server grow!!!