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Ah, greetings. Welcome to Demi Camp, the place for all blessed beings upon our fine earth. May you gaze around at what we can offer?

A great many different gods to choose from - even custom ones!

Unique roleplay experiences fit for everyone!

Lots of friendly, helpful, creative staff members!

Quests, activities, and more suited for every kind of camper!
Here in Demi Camp, it matters not who your parent is. It only matters who you are, and your safety, and so harmony is ever-present. Let us learn, train, and live in peace.

May the gods bless us all.

What do we offer?
-a open and accepting staff team
-active plots from day one
-supporting all LGBTQA+ OCs and related ocs
-willing to accept suggestions
-constant staff to server member conversation.
-Bots and possible Easter eggs
-Welcoming Other religions with mythologies.
FleetwoodMacDreams Bumped 3 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
BlueSteel BlueSteel
Crazy awesome!
This server may not seem like much at first but the community is great and the characters are very creative with not too much restrictions. You can be a child of almost any deity from Roirdans works
ZT Moonlight Escapade ZT Moonlight Escapade
Great Server
The server is great it is really inclusionary with firm but fair staff. If there is a problem related to character creation or bios they will discuss through it with you. If there is a dispute they will research it thoroughly with proof via screenshots and all sides of a story.
DaniIsOnFire DaniIsOnFire
You can't get anywhere if you have staff like this
One of the owners of this server is a known harasser of women. He was banned from another server for harassment and I guess people were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and that he would change but screenshots went around that he is still doing the same thing. Until this changes and this person is off a server with someone like that can never succeed if people have to be afraid of an owner harassing them and not being able to talk back or you could find yourselves out. There are plenty of other more active servers with better staff in them I would urge you to go to one of them until this changes. I should also add on many of the members are an alt of one person well this one person I've been talking about.
FleetwoodMacDreams FleetwoodMacDreams
Admin response
I, one of the server owners, personally believe that someone can make one mistake and do good after. He has proven to be a good owner and person to work with.

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