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A Place by Potterheads, for All Potterheads

We come from a place of Love, Acceptance & Friendliness. So rest assured, you will feel RIGHT AT HOME.

You will find regular karaokes, events, competitions, movie nights, games and engaging conversations to spend your time among Potterheads from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Plus, we've got cookies. So, hop right in!
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Wolfstar Wolfstar
Great, welcoming server!
I joined not so long ago and I can’t describe how welcoming, friendly and nice this community is! I love the Harry Potter themed channels, and I think that this definitely deserves 5 stars.
CosmicDharma CosmicDharma
Admin response
Thank you so much! Glad to hear you're having a great time, and here's to many more happy moments in the future^^
14 days ago
ScoopsTroop ScoopsTroop
The Place to be
This place has become a part of my day.I don't use discord for gaming but for the sole purpose of coming to this server in the middle of the day and talk with amazing people.They organize weekly competitions, talk about potter fandom in detail, organize movie nights. I love it here <3
CosmicDharma CosmicDharma
Admin response
Folks like you make us the vibrant place we pride ourselves with being
15 days ago
Sirius Black Sirius Black
Wonderful Server.
"Its bloody brilliant."
Those are the three words I can find while describing this server. Such a wonderful community, some of the BEST Moderation team in a server I've seen (and believe me, I have seen a lot), Greeted very politely when I joined the server, Loved having HP based discussions with the peeps, who will always talk politely, I have barely seen Heated discussions go on over here.

Seriously, this is a one of a kind server, kudos to the creator of the server, you have made an amazing server and I believe it will have a long life!

- Malak (IGN), Sirius Black (Server Name)

CosmicDharma CosmicDharma
Admin response
Thank you for the kind words, appreciate that a lot!
17 days ago
🧚🏼 ꒱꒱ lyx 🧚🏼 ꒱꒱ lyx
it’s home <3
so i finally sat down and took some time to write this out. i’ve been in pottercord for almost a year - wow time passes quickly - and i’ve so much to say. we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re always there for one another, there to support each other through tough times. i never thought i’d find such a close knit, tightly woven circle of friendships on a server i joined one random day. we have the best team ever, and everyone puts in so much effort to make sure members feel comfortable and accepted. it’s a safe space where i know i can go to find some laughter and light whenever i’m down. thank you so much nish for creating this platform - and also for always being there through my petty rants and idiocy. so if anyone bothered to read to the end,,, j o i n u s t o d a y.
you can’t say no to cookies.
CosmicDharma CosmicDharma
Admin response
31 days ago