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Discord's Finest Social Harry Potter Server, Weaving Magic into the Fabric of Life. 😎

Just for You:

⭐Active chat full of Potterheads
⭐Openness to new users
⭐International Exposure
⭐Drama-free environment
⭐Personal & Emotional Support
⭐Original Writing as well as support to showcase talent
⭐Legacy of a 5-year-old Community with strong bonds
⭐Engaging Debates
⭐Thoughtfully Planned Activities & a multi-tier House Point System

No roleplay. No partnerships - 100% independent and truly, proudly "us".
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Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews
TwistedTube TwistedTube
Heartwarming community
I've been in the server from the very start, and honestly I can't say anything about it besides it just being one of the friendliest and chillest servers I know. The people are all very friendly, and more and more new and amazing people keep joining. I could spend all of my days just talking to the different fun and amazing people. I'll always have this community close to my heart.
Redandthe3rdKing Redandthe3rdKing
One of the best community servers on Discord. From a warm welcoming party on joining to a top tier meme channel, Wizarding World has it all. Frequent events (podcasts, movie nights, gaming weekends and tournaments to name a few) have helped create a close knit community. The staff is easy to approach and you can always find someone to talk to here.
AJ 😴 AJ 😴
Wizarding World
Honestly, I have no regrets joining this server. I came in expecting just HP talk instead I met some really great people whom I became friends with. Various topics are talked about inc ones that I haven't really seen talked about like the gym or politics, which their own designated channels.

1) Friendly and different kind of people (inc. Mods)
2) Covers various topics (if brought up)
3) Overall a wholesome server for those looking into smaller servers - more intimate.

👀 Can't wait to see you join and try out the server ! 🤗
Nash Me Outside Nash Me Outside
Just two words
I mean there isnt a need to write such a long review, sheesh discord, I ain't writing essays

And the two words being : FAN-FUKINGTASTIC PLACE