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Parted Skies // Warriors RP

Warriors Cats is a novel series written by several authors who go by the pseudonym “Erin Hunter”. Parted Skies is a roleplay that takes place several years in the future (from whatever current book is most recent), where the five cat clans live mostly peaceful lives. The server is even and anyone has a chance to gain a high ranking role, should they obey the server rules. Active participation and literate roleplay is encouraged.
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Sy'verne Si'en Sy'verne Si'en
Fun, but a little inactive
I really like where this server is going, but it really needs more people to fulfil its full potential. I don't like the rule of only having one cat, because I joined a smaller Clan and now can't roleplay because nobody's ever on, and I can't have another cat. Please, if you enjoy roleplay, join this server and help it grow so we can all enjoy it!