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We will help with anyone going through depression as it's a big case atm. If you need someone to talk to or if you wanna be part of the crew to help you can talk to anyone here to get the settled out. This server is NOT a main dating server yet it does provide some. . . Channels to get into it.
AGAIN. We WILL provide you channels to be open about depression and we have many people to help you when needed!
We will never judge you if it comes down to it.
Lonely Hearts Club!
Our server is very open minded and a non-toxic community. Working on becoming active, and well balanced.

We accept everyone of any religion, culture, or color. Also LGBTQ+ friendly!

We’ll welcome you with open arms when you officially join our little community.

What this server will provide~
~24/7 Partnerships. ♡

~ Different Types Of VC's to chill in. ♡

~ Many cute Nitro and Non-nitro emojis to use right at your fingertips! ♡

~ Active Moderators that will answer any questions you may have. ♡

~ Many channels to express yourself in! ♡

~ Many different Self~Assignable Roles for your choosing! (Of course Including Color Roles.) ♡

~ And A LOT more! Once you join you'll see what I mean! ♡

Hope to see you !
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