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This server is for those that would like to improve their art skills along side other people wanting to do the same thing
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lettuce lettuce
thank u, next
There's some interesting people on here. Although for a server with almost 1000 people at the time of this review being written, the active people usually make up like 1/10th of the server (most of them are kind of like 13-19) if I'm being honest, and the Admin is kind of inactive. This server has a rep about being toxic, but it was really dead at the time of my stay, so I can't really say much about it. I wouldn't post my art here if you're afraid of unsolicited criticisms of your art (even though there's a critique channel for it) in the main art sharing channels, since I've seen it happen on numerous occasions, and there were some disputes about it. Not much to say about it. It's not the greatest server, but I think it's not too bad either.
cbackslash cbackslash
Hidden mod warn by saying 'bruh'
I'm not an admin/mod/friend of/or have any interest in the server. I saw what happened to Thistle, then nekopara.

nekopara said that he hated Japanese culture (understanding of which is necessary for learning the language) and gave reasons for it and Thistle got really upset by this. (No surprise, easily accessible studies show 40% Japanese are xenophobic enough to openly descriminate for jobs/housing/etc). After 5 or so people started suggesting "maybe you don't really mean hate," nekopara dropped the subject and didn't seem to pick it back up until... he made a comment in #server-feedback. Then Thistle started implying he was stupid and asked why the server admins should put extra effort in making the rules easier to remember by changing a channel topic, so nekopara asked if Thistle was still mad that he hates Japanese culture...and that sort of interaction is certainly never going to change his opinion. And...that was about all for all the abuses they suffered before their departure.

...the next day, nekopara saw 2 long-time members mock a user that didn't know about about some sort of clipping mask by not telling the person what it is he needed...but freely telling everything else. It looked like nekopara was asking questions as if it was him wanting to know...but apparently he was drunk or something and didn't assess the situation fast enough when somebody said "bruh" in chat (after having called out the people he thought were withholding information). A hidden admin/mod telling him "bruh" was apparently a warning of a serious type.

Because shortly after the second time "bruh" was said by this mysterious person, he was banned and then some of his messages started to disappear (maybe the bots don't track name changes? I saw him with more than one name and some are still there under an different name). No server admins/moderators were on. He was sort of dumb, but nobody was kind enough to say "Don't argue with <these certain protected people, and I'm an admin/mod so you should listen>"

Besides this stupid stuff, this server has one extremely helpful person that is willing to take artwork you request criticism on and draw diagrams, give an example and then video guides on how to do it yourself, and is extremely helpful. (KalRa is this extremely helpful person!!!).
Dexalia Dexalia
Response to Thistle's Review
I don't really think it's your place to say it's a toxic environment after joining saying a few words, while yes at that point in time there was some disagreement going on between you and a specific member. If I am reading through this correctly, you were the one who decided to take things personally, and because you were too engrossed in your own opinion and experience of the server, you left the server and decided to leave a review displaying your "adequate" knowledge of it based on one person. P.s. I quite like how you added a bunch of comments about sexism, mod abuse, and closemindedness when you encountered none of that during your entire stay.
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Thistle Thistle
I have older alts on this server, but I've decided to write the review on this one to maintain my anonymity. Owner doesn't enforce his own rules (except for the occasional "if you're 12, you're banned"), especially towards people he personally knows. His mods don't even mod and are mostly just entitled people if you argue with them. It's just another toxic, sexist, and close-minded server to add to the already toxic art community. There are plenty of other art servers that are respectful and offer actual constructive criticism rather than destructive criticism like this one. If you thrive in toxic environments, this one's for you. If not and are looking for an actual art server, better to skip this one than be sorry. (Edit: The one who replied to my review is one of the mods and doesn't realize I've been in the server far longer than he actually thinks through other accounts.)

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