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Ted talk and Co

Hello and welcome to the E-Thots Inc discord the wonderful place of hentai and degeneracy come and enjoy the plesant people,nudes, before you join we have a few rules to follow,

1. Don't be toxic/a dick(without reason)
2. Don't talk off topic in a chat
3. Don't spam
4. Listen to the Admins and Moderators
5.Don't @ people/roles for no reason
6. Only self-promote in promote
7. Only speak English
8. No NSFW content outside of the NSFW channels
9. No racism/sexism/any discrimination(without context).

With the rules in place these will allow everybody to have a good time meet new friends and maybe find a new regular server thank you for your consideration.
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Tyrone Tyrone
Pretty kool place
Its wild in here m8 people are nice and interesting to say the least