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Tropical Trackers

Tropical Trackers is an intimate, fun-loving community of junior and amateur meteorologists primarily interested in tropical cyclones, but we also welcome people interested in severe weather, climatology, natural disasters, and more! Come participate in various games, contests, storm tracking, and make predictions! We have a casual atmosphere and the general userbase is age 14-25, though all are welcome. No experience or interest in meteorology necessary. We hope to see you there!

We'd love to tell you what we have to offer, but it's so much fun for you to come and experience yourself! So, what are you waiting for!?

***Official partner of the Meteorology and More server***
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Ratings & Reviews

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Flasty Jam Flasty Jam
Honest Opinion
This weather server is really fye. The staff are really great, I never had any problems with them, and the staff know what they are doing. Besides the staff, the server has chat about the tropics as well as things non tropical related. They even have games with bots, music and a place to spam, spam, and more spam. Compared to the other server I've been in, they don't ban or kick people unfairly. Would recommend this to others.
Throw_me_in_a_fridge Throw_me_in_a_fridge
I love this place!
People are kind, understanding and chill! You can talk about the weather or life in general and everyone here responds in a positive manner.
Pusheen Pusheen
Pleasantly Surprised!
I went into this server not expecting much - I was invited by one of my friends who's in here. I must say however, they really impressed me! Now I have not been on too many Discord servers, but this one is something special.

For starters, their topic is something that is completely different than what most disboard servers offer, which is refreshing. The whole place is welcoming and easy to talk to, which makes adjusting as a new user that much better! They also have a unique ability to be casual and laidback, yet firm and professional all at the same time, which I find remarkable.

Everyone participates, and it's cool that you can level up and "intensify" the more active you are. I can tell they put a lot of work into this server to make it fun, and it paid off! Great job, guys!

EnstrangedOhioan EnstrangedOhioan
A true community.
Tropical Trackers is one of a kind. They're more than just a weather server - they're a family. Despite rapidly growing over a short period of time, the staff maintains a pretty high level of activity and goes out of their way to welcome you and make you feel at home. Members are very knowledgeable even beyond tropical cyclones and will happily answer your questions without making you feel stupid. They have a very organized system and way of dealing with things, but it could be a bit more consistent. The best part is you don't even have to be interested in weather to join - the close-knit community is this server's most marketable feature. All the users know each other really well and are very diverse - you'll meet people from the Americas, Asia, Europe, and even Africa!

So yes, I enjoy this server very much. It has a lot going for it and I can see it lasting for some time to come. Recommendation high.