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🍹 Sunset Loft 🍹

🍹 Hello there and welcome to the Sunset Loft! 🍹

We are chill community server who have been operating since late 2016. Starting as a private roleplay server, we have since moved to an open community format. We have memes, anime, vidya and much more! Including a rotating list of fun and interactive bots! While we do have a set of rules you need to abide by, most of it could be considered common sense for any decent human, so don't be afraid to be yourself!

We are still evolving and trying to learn the ropes of maintaining a public community, but with your patience and hopefully attendance, we believe we can strive for something great here.

So with all of that said... if you are interested, grab yourself a drink and take a seat here at the Sunset Loft! 🍹
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6 reviews
Glasgow Glasgow
Il migliore server di sempre
Si dice che non posso vedere la mia famiglia se non scrivo una recensione. Amo questo server. Ho incontrato mio marito qui, ed i nostri figli anche si sono uniti. Ho anche incontrato mio secondo marito qui. Quell'incontrato ha portato alla mia situazione attuale. La mia vita era un inferno. Questo server mi ha portato vita e morte. I miei bambini sono nati e sono morti qui. E non lo cambierei per il mondo. Questo server è stupefacente. Mi manca la mia famiglia, ma mi maca di più questo server. Grazie a Eddie, Aith, Borther e Goodbye Desapair. Posso ora vedere cosa rimane della mia famiglia? No? Che importa! Ho questo server e le gente lí.
Borther Borther
Honestly couldn't think of a better server than this
I've only been in here for a little while and already love it. Super welcoming people. As soon as I joined someone knocked at my door. These guys threw me a welcoming party and we watched movies all night. Super cool dudes.
Aith Aith
Probably the greatest server Ive ever been in.
So Ive been in this server for about 8 months now and over that time Ive had a wonderful time. Truly met all of my best friends through this server. Every weekend we meet up at one member's house and play table tennis. Its great.
Monky Monky
It's a grand ol' time
One thing you should know about this server: All of these peeps are really cool. Right off the bat, it feels like I've known them for the longest time. Rules are what you'd expect. Just don't be a jerk on purpose, don't make any slurs, and you'll be fine. There's also "social" events such as casting, and online gaming! And for people above the age of 18, there is a special channel for those individuals to post sexual content. Don't post anything that breaks the law, of course. And when you wanna vent about your day? There's a channel for that, too! Good and bad!

TLDR; We got cool people, online activities, social shenanigans, and adult content! Come and join the fun!

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