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Hentai Worshippers
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Hentai Worshippers

Server Creation Date: December 12th 2018
Member amount: 6000+
Server Info: Looking for a server that is incredibly lewd? Come join HW. Nearing our two year anniversary, we are a group of perverted hentai fans. Hentai posting in chat is an everyday occurrence and you can find fap buddies or join us in the main chat. We do partnerships and strive to be one the most perverted hentai servers on discord. We aren't the biggest but we surely are one of the lewdest!
Chaos Bumped 3 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews
crow crow crow crow
Yeah you know what this is
*Ahem* This server has a lot of good uhhhhh. Drawings and pictures. Yep. Great place to find all of your um. Content.
15 days ago
Neil Neil
Just wanna clarify regarding the review below
the review below is by a banned member and everyone has dealt with banned users and their salt~
199 days ago
C.C. C.C.
Horrible Server
Contrary to popular belief, this server is actually pretty toxic. The members and staff just circlejerk each other. The mods and staff don’t do their job unless it’s a favorited member. The rest of the members are thrown under the bus, when it comes to that regard. The server owner is a 27 year old pedophile, with mental health issues. He likes underage loli’s, and the staff just turns a blind eye. Joining this server was a complete waste of time, they’re are plenty better ones out there.
200 days ago
russ russ
A place of friendship
I was really nervous at first joining this server as it was going to be the first server I joined. I lost all the nervousness though when I saw the servers community. Everyone gets along with each other so well. Everyone is treated with respect and as equals. I have made many great friends on this server and they have helped me out with stuff by being people I could talk to. I don't ever plan on leaving the server. It holds a special place in my heart.
282 days ago