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MakeOutHill ❤

Just a server to chill in. It's very active and the community is nice to each other. Not too strict rules and it's a good place to be in. We don't mind a lil bit of toxicity either.

We have:

-Lots of bots 🤖

-Games and Nitro Giveaways 🎉

-Fun & Active community 🎆🍿

-And much more!🎐
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Tylxr Tylxr
Exceptionally Epic Server
It was a cold day, the rain slammed down onto the concrete, the thunder booming ever so strongly. I was left out in the open, scared, drenched in water, I could tell I was getting sick. I thought it was all over, I slowly started to give up. But then, I felt a presence, I had no idea what it was, the dark clouds parted, the sun came out shining so beautifully, the coldness soon turned to warmth. I looked up from the ground, I couldn't believe it, this figure stood before me, I rubbed my eyes, trying to aid my sight, who is this? I hear a calling, "do not fear" they said "I am the one to show you a new light" I was confused but couldn't help but feel a sense of safety. The mysterious figure helped me stand up, "come with me" they said, I agreed, I don't think I could have said no. We make our way into a land I was unfamiliar with, I looked around, it was a busy place, people running about, others chatting amongst themselves, it was very pleasant. The person welcomed me with open arms, that day changed everything forever. Time has passed, I am a regular resident in the area now, I have met a lot of people, some friends, others just acquaintances. A lot of common interests among the people who reside here, as long as you don't act like a blatant fool and start something you should fit in well. We welcome all to MakeOutHill.
Heiko Heiko
Here's your review Shifu, a month late.
Oh, where do I even start, yo? I don't know partly because I didn't even pay attention to this absolute clusterfuck of a server.
It has been sitting there for a long time in the cool list of the servers you have joined that discord provides, to make your navigation through their app much for comfortable... Well, to the point, I can't even seem to recall how I stumbled upon this little gem of a server but I can say for sure that I don't give a shit either. To sum up my experience in this server, you can only use one word: shitposting. The only thing I've done in my stay is lay siege upon this place with copious amounts of shit. I did jackshit for the betterment of the server and that earned me the title of Moderator so now I can flash my cool badge for being the biggest asshole on the platform and mute people I don't like. I'll be honest bro-yo-ma, it's a solid three stars outta five (that's the score I give in every single review I make for anything that uses the five stars system). It's also a pretty cool place.
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tart tart
deserves an award for best discord server
very chill. (join if u wanna be in the server with the best admin in the world ;)
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Skiddadler Skiddadler
Very homosexual
Traps aren’t gay

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