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Hey! Welcome to the Teen Hangout V3 discord server. We have lots of people willing to play a game with you and maybe you might find your special someone here. Loads of memes, people, and great members.
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Duck Duck
Great Server
I am Co-Owner of this server, and I can confidently say that the other review of this server is no longer relevant as I am now helping the current owner fix the server, and help him with ban decisions and bots. No false bans will be given, no nudes will be asked for. Thank you.
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Shinun Shinun
Join only to troll
Server is fucking disgusting and the owner is a sexist incel neck beard. I've seen him throw around bans for little to no reason and praise himself like he's in the right. Don't wanna vc him or send nudes? Ban. Won't do exactly what he says? Ban. Place needs to be nuked for the 3rd time why do you think this is version 3.

Why don't you review 【$ociety】?