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Baka in Space

Hello! It is I, Baka, floating in space.

Come join the small community I have begun to amass as we chill and hang around in the space! Don't be afraid to give us a try- we don't bite! Well, seeing as we're just floating in space... we can't, even if we wanted to! As many rules as there may be, there is one general rule that is widely known across the entire universe: don't be an ass, and everything will be alright!

And then the extra stuff, though not as important:
=> We accept anyone into the vast universe, so long as you are mature when the situation calls for it, as well as being generally cool-headed and relaxed when conversing. The places you'll explore may also seem unfinished, but I promise you: as I drift around the lonesome space, I will find new places for all of us to inhabit, as well as refine existing places.

Of course, they will be rules that you'll have to read but... most of them are common sense. Travelers and settlers alike know these rules as if they are second nature. Oh, and do keep things tidy. There's enough space junk as it is though if you are going to throw junk, do at least keep it to the same spaces as all the others.

We may be very small in numbers, but we make up for that in just being friendly all around, even if the black space around us seems uninviting.
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