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🐼 Panda Residence 🐼

This server is a server based off a new discord bot called LootBot, basically on that bot, you can rob people, shoot people, etc to get cash off of them for LootBot. This server is a gang for this bot and is dedicated to helping gang members get good stats on the bot and to protect gang members from attackers. No entry fee's are needed anymore!
YourDesiredNoob Bumped 123 days ago

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3 reviews
fucking amazing clan
1 its a good clan for lootbot and 2 XD THE PHOTO
Solar Solar
Good server
This server is a great server to hang out in, it uses my bot (LootBot), you should join it!
YourDesiredNoob YourDesiredNoob
Amazing Server
Don't mind the category as "Movies" I have no idea why it put it as movies, it was meant to be put as a community category, but anyways, this a great server that has some active people in it. This server is designed for roleplaying with a bot and to have lots of fun ofc on this bot, and the members of this server are dedicated to help others in the server and protect them from attackers on the bot!

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