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Lewd Roleplay Hotel
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Lewd Roleplay Hotel

💥Come join us in the Lewd Roleplay Hotel💥


🔵We’re a server focused on being a community rather than a hookup board, so come join us for a nice chat!

🐱‍💻Roleplay areas🐱‍💻

🔷A hotel theme as the base for smooth interaction between members, we’re always aiming to bring in more interesting themed channels, and potential out-of-hotel categories to enjoy

😊We also have a SFW section for days you just want a soft RP😊

🎮Hobbies and interests🎮

🔶A section dedicated to members wanting to show off all sorts of creative or plain funny things

😳Smut, Hentai, and more, oh my!😳

🔺Several channels dedicated to a few popular kinks, and plenty of content posted regularly, all the lewds you could care for~

🔞Verification Extras🔞

🔻A special sub-category area for those who verify and want to share something a little more home-made

💬Information, VC and Staff interaction💬

⚫Multiple voice channels, for music, gaming and chatting in general are available, alongside a wide array of purely informational channel for all those questions you may have, plus plenty of opportunity to talk with staff, in and out of roleplay!
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Mocha Mocha
Love it
LRH is a great space for erpers of all varieties. I haven’t had a bad experience yet here at the server.
Foxy25432 Foxy25432
I've been on this particular server for about 3-4 months now, in that time I had a blast. It's a great, active community and I've had nothing but good experiences there.

But. They recently introduced an age ID. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the fact that I'm not comfortable showing them my passport kinda puts a spanner in the works, considering the fact that it's mandatory.

Good server. Not so good when you add a mandatory age verification.

(I'm not complaining because I'm not of age. I'm 18)
Daxx Daxx
Admin response
The age verification is not mandatory, Foxy. It is required for access to user submitted adult content only, you needn't have left, just ask a member of staff if you are unsure