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「 Moonstruck Blossom 」(18+)
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「 Moonstruck Blossom 」(18+)

(Quick Notice; Forgive us, but our link was apparently broken! We apologize for anyone who was denied entry!)

The balance between two worlds teeters on the brink of destruction — but even with with the equilibrium in disarray the inhabitants will do anything but go quietly into the night.

Join the onmyojis, shamans in touch with the arcane arts...or join the yokais, creatures of yore with unique history. Power comes to those who desire it.

This is not a simple tale. Which side is right? Which side is wrong? Black and white quickly blur when one digs deeper into the intrigue that is this mythical world. With a complex culture and ever-developing lore, collecting pieces to the puzzle that is the war between worlds is tantamount to saving it.

Perhaps you are insane for thinking of embarking on this seemingly impossible quest. But madness is a tool. Quell your uncertainties and steel your resolve. From here on out, your story begins. Depending on you, it will either wither away...or blossom into something more.

Take destiny into your hands, and alter the fate of our world!
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Muse ❄ Muse ❄
Owner Reviews his Own Server (Oof)
Exactly as the title puts it. Everybody’s been kind enough to leave positive reviews...and I feel like an explanation from yours truly is due for it.

With that said, here is my review~!

Best server ever, 10/10, join now!


Okay, okay, a legitimate review is due I suppose.

I can’t really speak concerning any problems the server may have. It’d just be way too presumptuous for someone coming from an inherently biased standpoint. Instead, I’ll tell you what this server is about, why not? The advertisement is meant to hook in folks; this review will be meant to try and retain those enticed.

Where to start? Well, I guess to begin with, any toxic baggage anybody has is left at the door. Doesn’t matter who you are, or what you are for the matter. Something that everyone here typically agrees on is that you are welcome to be a part of our community if you bring something positive to the table.

The roleplay, I won’t lie, is daunting. It’s an incredibly niche genre to start off with — I mean, come on, an epic fantasy setting influenced heavily by Asian lore? Who even cares about that? Well, we do apparently. What initially started as me being satisfied with just writing a paragraph or two took off with the others, and now everybody has the standard of writing sprawling novellas per posts. They’ve risen my own standards, for crying out that’s saying something. But don’t be alarmed!

I know for a fact my community is the farthest things removed from elitist. People who write a lot typically get that bad reputation. But they are humble and lovely, so long as there’s a mutual respect for one another (something that I worry many other circles lack). It doesn’t matter how good you are a roleplaying. Strive to improve, and get better at what you do. As long as you show that kind of dedication, you will be rewarded handsomely. We are accommodating and compromising in all matters reasonable.

Sometimes as the owner I can lose myself and act irrationally...but before it goes too far I’m grounded in reality by my peers. You know, I’ve been coining a lot of terms in referral to the members of my server, but I think they really deserve the title of being “my friends”. At the end of the day, that’s what they have become. I really hope you will seriously consider taking some time to look our way. We could use some fresh blood. I’m not going to say we’re going to instantly be family like how other servers put it, but starting as friends and working towards that kind of trust level is definitely not off the table.

Even though I tried to avoid it, this review ended up with me saying good things about my server anyways, or at least good things about what makes the server so great (hint: it’s my friends). I’m such a narcissist.
526 days ago
Fun and Immersive
It is a good, well built, fun server with a variety of members and opportunities for RP. With a solid plot and great lore, this server manages to catch your attention and keep you involved with many fun events and games. There is great activity among the staff as they will often respond to any question you may have in minutes. I could not look for a better, small, growing RP server on all of Discord.
534 days ago
Deus Ex Machina Deus Ex Machina
5 Star
This server is okay. I need to fill out this character count so I'll just type something here. I like onee-chans. All kinds of onee-chans. I hope my death will be getting suffocated by one.
538 days ago
Azure Ryuu Azure Ryuu
Fun, friendly, and Creative
If you like a friendly community, a helpful staff, and creative characters, this is the server for you! This roleplay server comes with beautifully written lore that’s always open for improvement and active roleplayers with open minds.
538 days ago