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A friendly server focused on educating baby witches on paganism and the occult. LGBT friendly! Mentor/apprenticeship programme. Left hand/right hand/middle path friendly!
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Greensleeves Greensleeves
Newcomers to the Craft, Stay AWAY!
(Prefacing this with the notion that this is an account solely made for reviews to maintain being anonymous)
I've never run into such a strangely negative server regarding witchcraft. Don't ask questions unless you want a condescending answer and a reason as to why you're stupid for asking, don't try to talk if you haven't given yourself roles, don't advertise your readings in the divination chat, don't mention kin, et cetera. There's a lot of things to avoid. There was one circumstance I observed in which someone asked a simple question about deities and was rather quickly shot down and just short of being called stupid by a mod who...well, I'm not sure what he is? He won't tell anyone, which probably doesn't help, but talks as a nonhuman so I imagine he is. I don't mean to be rude, but it is kind of an important detail, considering he used that as reasoning as to why the notion was rude and stupid to begin with.
The staff give off a very pretentious vibe, one that suggests that they know everything there is to know about subjects (I really did get this vibe from them when a member asked about adding a draconic chat space and the answer was no, but because "none of our staff members are experienced enough to call out misinformation", which while sounds theoretically smart to do, if there are experienced witches that focus in draconic magick, they should be able to help). I did read a conversation between autumn (who also left a negative review) and the self-proclaimed "most active moderator" which seemed pretty harmless and when they (autumn, whose pronouns I do not know so I'm going gender neutral) pointed out that the "most active moderator" was not the only mod, he very quickly shut them down with an "Ok, to be perfectly clear, the conversation is over." THIS SAME MODERATOR tried to correct a person (who I may have already referenced a conversation with, and I'm going to assure you that I'm not her) who was raised in a muslim household regarding the faith she undoubtedly knows more about. Another instance of this mod would be when someone briefly made a remark about their spirit guide (what they called him, so that's what I'm calling him) talking to them about a certain thing they were doing. Seemed pretty harmless, but still was followed up with: "The purpose of a guide is not to dictate what you can and cannot do as a part of your practice /
The purpose of a guide is to help you realize your practice and its fullest potential".
This is where I briefly agree with the other reviews for this server: there is a lot of questionable ethics being projected in this server. Baby witches may get some bad ideas about the craft. Two, maybe three out of six of the five star reviews are from moderators. Some members aren't polite at all. Staff will turn a blind eye or be just as rude.
And this is my disclaimer that I know that some member of staff will come and try to debunk this review, say I caused problems or something even though this is anonymous, but I stand fully, 100% behind everything I say, and have copy-pasted any quoted messages you see. If I could, I would have attached screenshots and screen recordings, and if I had the time I would've written an actual novel on this server, but that's my two cents.
TL;DR–don't join this server if you're a newcomer to the craft, it's a very negative space. Especially if you have questions and are looking for help and guidance in certain areas. There are plenty of other witchy discords you can join that are more informative, have much kinder moderators, will be allowed to have opinions in, and will not lead you down the wrong path! I'm sorry I wrote a novel, but there was a lot to talk about, and I brushed over a lot more I could have discussed.
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autumn! autumn!
Notice that a mod and the owner have left their own five star reviews.
I really liked this server, but the moderation is a disaster. I loved the people in this server, but most people in witchcraft servers are in multiple others, so you'll probably run into them again. One mod in specific causes most of the issues, and the rest of the team kinda sits by and lets it happen. Lots of problematic practices are mentioned here, and one of the mods will shoot down your beliefs. Little responsibility is taken by the moderation team here, and you can see that this is an issue in other reviews left, too. Please be careful here, especially if you're a baby witch.
-` stardust ´- -` stardust ´-
Admin response
This former member caused some issues on the server and, while she was uncomfortable in the presence of one of my staff teams, she did not make this clear to the staff as a whole. Though, upon reflection, when she came to me, I should have offered a former complaint discussion rather than Autumn talking to my staff member directly.
After some drama on the server, that which I feel would be unncesary to mention, Autumn made a review publicly stated that she felt intimidated and uncomfortable with a certain moderator. This was due to the fact we don't allow stereotyping of Astrological signs, even if it's in a joking manner and the discussion of animism. And, if I remember clearly, the part where a person was questioning their beliefs was not a mod, though they used our moderator's account. This was explained to her and multiple people several times.
After her previous review was made, we discussed the matter privately and at the end of the discussion, when my moderator was asking for any more concerns, she left. A day after, she returned to the server and then left again. For what reason? I have no clue.
I'm upset that this issue couldn't be resolved, though we try to fix any concerns brought to us, however, we can't fix what we don't know is broken.
As for the positive reviews left by staff, of course we have reviews, one is by me, the owner, saying that I try to make the server as welcoming as possible, despite faults that have yet to be notified to us. And the other is a public log for things that we see as not deserving their own public reply.

In conclusion, I feel this situation could have been handled better by both parties if concerns were expressed to us directly, instead of being a public show. I wish Autumn to find true happiness soon, though she is no longer welcome on the server.
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dudeguy dudeguy
Good Server Full of Good People
I have been a part of the server for a week now, and so far the people I've met and made friends with have been great and supportive. I can't speak enough about it, so I'll stop this here.
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beltanebabe ᛓ beltanebabe ᛓ
drama not being handled properly
I'm not going to sit here and discuss all the gory details, as I feel they should be kept private, but I'd like to say that if you're interested in joining to note that there are some members that aren't too polite and don't seem to handle drama well, staff that stand by and don't do anything, and staff that cuss out members when there's a small disagreement instead of handling it professionally. I've read some of the other reviews, and it truly saddens me that these situations are not being dealt with properly. as a server owner myself, I know that having a server and keeping the peace can be difficult, but with proper staff, issues that occur are much easier to deal with, and members are much happier when situations are dealt with in a mature manner.