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Los Nirvana Hotel
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Los Nirvana Hotel

"Welcome to Los Nirvana Hotel and Dormitory, a strange place known for its mythical occurrences. Originally built to be a simple hotel in the late 1700’s, it would become a home (permanent or otherwise) to the mystical and magical throughout its years of operation; This all leads us to the present day, where you have arrived at it’s doors for one reason or another, personal or otherwise. While widely known around the paranormal community as a congregation for all things strange, it is widely overlooked by the not-so paranormally inclined as just another shady hotel. With that and other such safeguards in place to shy away curious investigators, it’s only natural that you yourself have some sort of paranormal or otherwise odd ability. You might have problems coming to terms with your abilities, even as a teenager or adult, but you’ll soon see that there’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of...these things are only natural in our world, afterall."

Los Nirvana Hotel is a Discord-based RP surrounding the historic and magical Los Nirvana Hotel and Dormitory, a place home to teenagers and young adults that are a lot more than just gifted. Characters can interact with each other on a regular basis (when you want to RP, you can!), with larger stories and plotlines to be GMed to further the progress of characters and their development. Characters relationships to their past, the world around them, and other residents of the hotel shape the world of Los Nirvana; Which is always changing and shifting.
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