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Anteiku is a chill place to make some friends, and maybe even find your next relationship if you happen to find the right person.

We are a teen focused dating / chill server with the majority of our users being 16-18, but we do offer a lot of things besides that though we have:

- 300+ members and growing.
- Mudae, Pokecord, Dankmemer and more for all your mini-game needs.
- MarriageBot so you can make your own E-Families.
- Tatsumaki for upping that rank.
- MEE6 & Level Rewards, make your way through the ghoul ratings!
- Reaction Roles so you don't have to worry about all that .iam stuff.
- Color-Chan to make yourself standout with your own colors.
- Lots of voice channels and places for you to be yourself.
- An active and friendly staff team.

and just a whole lot more, so go ahead and give us a try!

[We do support teen dating and culture, but any adults found contacting a minor with ill / sexual intent will be instantly banned and reported so please be cautious of who you're talking to.]
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