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The Fire Within
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The Fire Within

A server for those who practice magick, spirituality..those who are Empaths, HSPs, energy sensitive, open minded, able to look outside the box of life.
Pretty much a spiritual server with like minded people. Enjoy your stay
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Not What It Seems
Don't be fooled by the tags, the server owner changed the main focus of the server to quote: "love, relationships, and twin flames, magick and all and spirituality". Management is emotional in regards to their decisions, and practice favoritism for certain members, they are so called empaths but fail to understand people in negative states. This is true because recently they kicked someone because the individual was too "negative" such as very sad about his situation, I don't think that was fair, the Admin as well as 2 other members called him a energy vampire which was disrespectful. DONT JOIN THIS SERVER!