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The Godzilla Fan Group
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The Godzilla Fan Group

A discord server for those who are fans of the Godzilla movies, from the most casual to the most hardcore. This server is for everyone! We enjoy discussions, memes, fan art, movie recommendations, and movie reviews!
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I'mInAVegetativeState I'mInAVegetativeState
I joined before I was the owner
I joined this group almost a year before I became the owner, but throughout that time I have been a loyal member, it is a nice server. The people there are nice, especially the now former-owner. It is not a super strict place like some servers, so its definitely a good place to fit in and feel comfortable within the Godzilla fanbase.
22 days ago
Wayne Shlagle Wayne Shlagle
Nice But Small
It appears to be a nice little group. Generally active but unfortunately, it's a very small server. Not that well built but a good start.
fishfinger fishfinger
Admin response
Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by any of this as being small isn't generally something that can be helped. Secondly, being vague and saying it is "not well built" doesn't give me insight into what needs to be changed.
58 days ago