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City of Angels

Sup, my name's Angel. I made this discord because I want people to know that they're not alone. So I've decided to build an army of Angels [Good People]. If you know any good people, please bring them here.. :blue_heart:
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Knawledge Knawledge
Not as it may seem
This server is not too bad, if it wasn't for the owner. But sadly that cannot be changed.
I've been a part of the community in this server for quite some time, and I've got to say the owner is sexist, disrespectful, and just overall a shameful owner.
I was having a conversation with him one day, and I randomly got falsely banned during it, just because he doesn't like me.
I've seen many girls talk badly about him, insult him, belittle him, and he rarely bans or even kicks any of them at all. His staff members mainly, if not all consist of girls. But, when a guy says something he doesn't like, even in the slightest, they will easily get kicked or banned. I know for a fact this is true, because it has happened to me multiple times.
Not to mention, he's also awfully rude to his own members, mainly when he's "drunk", and only cares about himself.
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Catz Catz
Don't be mislead by the Name
People on here tend to be a bit hostile and unwelcoming.
Some of the Admins may be racist towards Caucasians.
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Aaron is chonky., Aaron is chonky.,
5 stars
Our City of Angels is a chill server with people from all around the world. We like a good laugh and voice-chat almost every day.