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Trivia 結 : Bangtan
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Trivia 結 : Bangtan

This is a kpop server, but its not only kpop going on in here.
We have so much more and here is a list of what we do have:
⭐- Different channels where you can post about different topics.
⭐- Bot commands, where you can do many fun bot games and such.
⭐- Very nice members, we do not want any toxic people.
⭐- Events like watching movies and stuff together.
⭐- Voice channels & Music channel.
⭐- Update on BTS twitter, YouTube and such.
⭐- Awesome emojis.
⭐- Play games with others.
⭐- Nitro giveaways could happen when we have events.

But most important is that you can meet very nice friends,
we are all anime nerds, kpop nerds, gamer nerds and all that you might like to.

Feel free to come and visit. We will do everything to make you feel welcomed!💜
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13 reviews
Kookie Kookie
Enforcement of rules and users.
The enforcement of rules over there is amazing and the users there are so friendly that you might feel like you only chatted for 5 minutes but actually, you've been chatting for three hours!
Yang Yang
This server is chill and fun
I have been in this server for half a year and people are active everyday, chatting about, posting pictures, art, and so much more.

They are a friendly bunch and are starting to get events sorted out to get more people together.

Definitely come have a look at it ! You won't regret :)
a wild kaitlyn just appeared a wild kaitlyn just appeared
Love 💘 love 🌈love💗this💕server!!!
I absolutely love Trivia 結 : Bangtan, they have so many kind and helpful people always attentive. Never rude or snappy whatever you need they got you🤘they have lots of different topics you can talk about (not just bts). Also whenever I'm hurt or sad the community cheers me up!! The staff cares about everyone equally. I hope you see the same 💝💛💜💚💙💓❤💋💖💗
Tei Tei
Mods are the best
This server is an open-minded discord server, here everyone is part of different fandoms. Even if this is a bts server you don't have to like only BTS, you can be a bigger stan of SVT than BTS and that will be fine. You don't like kpop and just one to chat with people? That's fine too. Almost everyone here likes watching anime, k-dramas. Others like drawing, singing, painting and we appreciate their work.
So come and join this server with wonderful people

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