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Lord of the Rings Roleplay
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Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set about 28 years after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off. At the moment, we are discouraging taking over canon characters in order to create our own world. However, we are more than willing to try and support whatever you want to do here. I look forward to seeing you there!!

:: Pets and Steeds
:: Custom Weapons you can bring to life
:: Discover the magic of the LotR universe
:: We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
:: Our very own bot expert is here, bringing a whole range of technical options to the table.
:: You can be nearly any race, faction or alignment you want!
:: Faction leaders available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
ninenine5141 ninenine5141
Truly an RP server among the greats!!
A very in depth and enjoyable experience. Rich with good lore, fun and lovely staff and a great and kind community. No other RP server has quite as many options, possibilities and exhilarating RP and adventure quite like this one.
4 3
Aristaeus Aristaeus
Very promising
The people on this server are very kind and have knowledge of the series itself. The first thing I thought when I joined was "Wow. This server is promising."
And it really is!
5 1
Symphony Symphony
Immersive, and friendly community!
Being a big fan of LOTR, i didn't really know what to expect when I joined this server, but I was so thankful I joined. The community is not only kind and helpful, but the RP aspect is top tier. The lore is really accurate, and the world they created feels just like Middle Earth! I joined about 2 weeks ago, and this is definitely my go-to RP. It's nice to be a part of a community you can equally share your love with!
6 1
☆ ☛ Heck ☚ ☆ ☆ ☛ Heck ☚ ☆
I joined recently, and, I have to say, they are by far the kindest and most welcoming community I have found thus far on Discord. Their head admin spent s good hour or two answering all my questions, to be honest. They know what they're doing, and it shows.

However, the few drawbacks are as follows:
1) There are a few very slightly toxic individuals who argue seemingly often, or get upset if you critique them in any way.
2) Larger scale battles dont really have a system in place, its more like a back and forth battle of who can say, "You Lose!" Fastest. However, there seems to be people that have a good system set up for battles.

Keep in mind, neither of the above have taken away from my experience at all! I highly recommend this server for any fantasy and/or LotR fans!

Edit: Keep in mind, while I am an admin, this review was made prior to becoming one.