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Welcome to Keyn Academy,
" Is there a possibility of there being alternate realities and universes?" many scientists questioned as they attempted to figure out how to travel between realities ( if there were even multiple realities).
Years later they found a way that was successful. They developed 300 keys, and each key opened a door. These doors lead to other universes so similar yet so different from there own.
These keys were meant to be sent to a different lab, but instead the keys fell out of the plain heading to there destination. These keys scattered all over the world.
There were said to be hundreds of keys. yet few were ever found.
And what role do you play in all this you wonder? your role in this world... you are a key wielder. you have control over your own personal rift key. This means that you can freely create door ways to alternate universes. Only if someone else finds your key it wont respond. These keys chose there wielders to fit there custom purposes.
So this Rp will take place in a school setting in the year 2034. This school is for Wielders. As the keys found there Wielders adults freaked out. From that Keyn Academy was formed. This Academy was made by Wielders for wielders. Here you don't have normal classes, instead in your classes you will learn the basics of summoning your key and door ways, how to protect yourself from the dangers of other realities and more.
We will offer:
❥ once we get enough wielders we will have classes hosted every other day ( unless for some reason we are not able to)
❥ You can request custom roles (within reason)
❥ Help with any questions about the RP/Keys/Anything
Any suggestions are appreciated
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