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Welcome to Euslai! A multi-genre roleplay with RPG aspects! Create your character and explore the world of Euslai, while interacting with other people! We are all friends here, and have amazing staff to push along stories and engaging quests. If you're looking for a good roleplay, chances are, the world of Euslai has what you're looking for. Keep in mind, this roleplay has several original RPG systems and rules. If you don’t like those, this server might not be for you!
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Sedentary Sneaky Stupid Scorpion Sedentary Sneaky Stupid Scorpion
Euslai is a great server
Euslai is a roleplay-focused RPG with combative elements similar to that of D&D and Pathfinder. However, it doesn't fail to make it seem like it's own unique thing, due to the flawless combination of sci-fi and fantasy elements. You can truly be whatever you want to be in Euslai. The many mechanics and systems Euslai implements may seem daunting at first, but when you're able to figure out and embrace the system, the possibilities are truly limited to your own imagination. Everyone at Euslai is a joy to talk to, and the talent of roleplay I find is surprising, to say the least. The staff here are helpful and know what they're talking about, they explain things very well. The progression system is unique, yet fun and engaging, and incredibly rewarding. If you're willing to give Euslai a try, I'm sure it will pay off for you.
Bone daddy Bone daddy
Damn good server
This is one of the better rp servers I have been on. Tons of customization options for your characters, DnD like quests, and the mods a good as well. If you want a good rp server then this is a excellent choice.