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OwO Academia
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OwO Academia

Story Summary:
This roleplay takes place at the same time as the original MHA universe, but in a different location. Namely Osaka, Japan where Hideki High is, one of the best schools in Japan besides U.A. and Shiketsu. The students enroll at Hideki High and are more or less removed from the action taking place in the anime. However, this doesn't mean they're safe. A powerful villain linked to All For One lurks in the shadows right under the noses of heroes, civilian, and even other villains alike. The students of Hideki High will be faced with the same war as the MHA cast...on a different front.
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Metal Gear Solid 3; Substinence Metal Gear Solid 3; Substinence
Best server i've ever been on
To be utterly honest, i came into this server on a freinds recomendation with absolutely no knowlage about my hero acedamia. Normally on a server focused on an anime, that would pose a huge problem, but not here. Allthought haveing not even watched an episode, the staff helped me out thorught the charecter createing process, and never got angered or were even bothered by the lack of knowlage on my part. And after all that was said and done, i was able to easily just jump rigght in and feel at home. Compared to the other places ive been to where the mods are impolite, or RP is basiclly limited to a cercile of long time members, OwO Academia is open and freindly, and a lot more active than most of the servers ive been on. I recommed it highly
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IkkiSago IkkiSago
Better Than Most
I've been in around 15 different roleplay servers on Discord, and the majority of them have either been utter flops, or burnt bright and died quickly. This server has been open since December (created in November), and through its 7 months of publicity it has yet to experience the same failures as other servers. It has a relaxed and just moderation (the kind you really don't see often these days) and is pretty easy to get the hang of (I've heard). Of course, people came in and didn't agree with the way we (the staff) ran the server, and some of them started trouble as a result. They claimed "favoritism" and "racism" and "sexism" and other buzzwords when we- for lack of a better term- preserved a member's right to their opinion and their jokes.
In other words, don't listen to the negative reviews until you've seen their complaints from the standpoint of moderation and the standpoint of the average roleplayer. This server has a charm that most other servers aren't lucky enough to have, and the owner constantly works very hard to flush out the plot and events as best as she can (she should really take a break).
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LightningStab LightningStab
Great admins and fun people
The admins are great and all the people on the server are fun and friendly I've been a member since the beginning of the server, we've had a couple clowns join and soil the fun for some people but they were quickly dealt with.
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trickster dreamer trickster dreamer
There is still racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks. Admins don't care.
As much as disboard wants us to be "positive and respectful", that simply cannot be said for this server. For months now, they have allowed racist, transphobic/homophobic, and sexist statements constantly. The rule in the server is that you have to respect other people's opinions (but there is NO discussion of politics, etc.) despite there being statements CONSTANTLY that have a political basis. (Just today at 5 pm, one of the members asked who hated trans people, even if its a joke, 5 people said they did.)

There is favoritism in this server as well, there are certain members who are often the ones that make the remarks. These members don't receive punishment and afterward (I myself have found myself in this situation when calling out blatant racism) those who point it out are accused of "disturbing the peace" and "creating controversy".

TL;DR they literally let racists be racists, homophobes stay homophobes etc. and then censor those who call it out.

They care more about the safety of a member they are close to than the majority of the server.