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Elbereth is a Fantasy roleplay server that is open to all amazing characters!
This a Roleplay server with medieval fantasy theme for all the kinds of roleplayers, be it one liner or literate
It has many kingdoms and themed areas.
We welcome anybody and everybody to come and enjoy fun roleplay with us.
-No Nsfw
-Friendly members
-newbie friendly

-Many places to be creative and more!
Also looking for Staff if you would like to join us~

What else do we have to offer? A lot here’s a more detailed list of your interested in seeing what else we have.

-We have +200 rp channels, and an active and friendly community

- Constant quests for our brave adventurers that seek glory and gold

-Constant updates

-An easy to understand lore!

-Fair character balance (no op powers)

-Optional OC template

-Spectator role for if you just want to watch at first


-LGBTQ + Friendly comunity

-Many channels not rp related for chatting, sharing your art and other things

What are you wanting for? Join us now and begin your adventure in Elbereth!!!
Nightshade The Creator Bumped 1 day ago

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Emperor_Moisture Emperor_Moisture
Great, but some things left to be desired.
I like this server alot. I think the people on here are great to roleplay with. I haven't encountered anyone yet who has been toxic or vapid in their roleplay. Almost all roleplay on here is at least semi literate to literate which I find very appealing. As much as I love this server, there are some thing that are left to be desired. The lore feels rather incomplete. The owner says they're working on it, but theres no sense of progress there. The rules feel a little incomplete too, I think that could be worked on too. Overall, I enjoy this server, and I hope to see it grow.
105 days ago