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Tokyo Ghoul: Bleeding Ebony
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Tokyo Ghoul: Bleeding Ebony


IMPORTANT: This server has gone through a full wipe recently, if you're to join you will be one of the few on the server as we rebuild. I expect mature and active members.

We are a server dedicated to the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, having fun and interesting role plays within the server and growing better and better as we go along.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for interesting and detailed roleplay,

As well as the chance to conquer your foes through combat roleplay!

We have a lot of things to offer, including:
-Literate roleplay~

-Fair rules

-No established PTK!

-Developing detailed stories with others!

-Detailed and interesting story events!

-And a helpful and attentive staff team!

This server is owned by: Sage #3742

Come to join us in the world of Corrupted Blood!
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Derø Derø
Name sounds like an old (2004) porno film made by the chinese government (with the help of some american corportations) in order to appease the public from their miserable social lifes. Also anime is gay. Whoever disliked this review probably hasn't seen the server and are blindfully defending it.
Sage Sage
Tokyo ghoul: Bleedy Ebony
A great rp server that has growing.

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