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The Wolf Pack
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The Wolf Pack

Welcome to my furry server. This is a server created by Blackwolf07 We have gaming channels, helpful staff. We have nsfw chats and bots to use including Sheri blossom! We also have role-play, Art channels, game channels, and of course memes! Must be 18+ to have nsfw! And must be over 13 to join
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Koolaid Fox Koolaid Fox
A very friendly server
This server is super friendly and the staff is really kind and helpful when you need them!!
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ConanCoyote ConanCoyote
This server is decent. Only about twenty or so out of the total count of members are active. I appreciate how the server tries to do events and other fun activities. It definitely is fun in that way. The regulars are pretty nice people, honestly.
The server is more of a close knit group of friends, so if you wanna possibly join them, go ahead. It's a nice place to meet new people.
There is an absolute mess of channels. I'd wish they would have less channels, and make them broader in subject.
It has a ping problem. If you have any of the gamer roles, you'll likely be pinged to be asked to play a game. Sometimes artists are pinged too for free art.
I would suggest muting the server or at least suppressing @everyone and @here if you join, and don't want your phone to blow up.
That's about all I can say. It's nice, but not the best. Average for a discord server. I'd like to see the owner and mods work towards making this server better!
Charcoal Charcoal
Too many channels
I have a bit of a problem with the sometimes confusing placement of channels and the merger of basic chat channels and bot channels. There are also a LOT of channels to go through, some with very niche uses. Also for some reason the bots are at the top of the user list instead of the bottom.
I do still see the potential for this server to become something better if the problems with the channels is rectified. Reducing the number of channels either by merging them or hiding them behind certain roles would really make navigation easier.
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DeathSpiral DeathSpiral
Amazing Server!
Tons of active members, amazing streams and super friendly staff. Most of all it is super accepting to everyone, definitely a server I would suggest to just hang out.